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What are Ambassadors?

One Blue Earth Ambassadors commit themselves to our projects with enthusiasm and drive. They participate in promoting and fundraising for our campaigns, educate their communities on climate change solutions, and collaborate with other Ambassadors.

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As an Ambassador...

Becoming a One Blue Earth Ambassador means being part of an amazing community of like-minded peers. As an Ambassador, you will get access to fundraising and marketing tips, educational and strategic workshops, and informational resources.

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Eligible Ambassadors

Everyone is welcome to become a One Blue Earth Ambassador. You may do so as an individual or as a group (e.g. school club, group of friends).

*Note: If your group is a school club, please specify your school in the Ambassador Sign-Up form.

Become an Ambassador

Join One Blue Earth's commitment to fighting climate change

You may join as an individual or as a group

Thanks for joining One Blue Earth! We'll be in contact soon.

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